Nihi Sumba: The Edge of Wildness

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During the boom years of Indonesia as a tourist destination, little attention was paid to the hundreds of fascinating islands stretching East of Bali all the way to West Papua. Amongst the most rewarding for the adventurous traveler or surfer is Sumba island which remains surprisingly unvisited by outsiders. 

Our decision to visit Sumba was prompted by our urge to discover an uncrowded reef break "Occy's Left" but eventually lead us to discover this amazing individualistic island culture of exceptional natural beauty. Sumba is most rewarding as a time capsule of our earliest beginnings, for it remains a living megalithic culture with animist rules and rituals where majority of the population still following the ways of their ancestors.

Where to stay

Nihi Sumba is a haven for the curious adventurer. It appears to be in the middle of nowhere on an already remote island with all of the comforts we thought we would miss.

What to Wear


Sumbanese tropical horses although particularly small are quite lively and versatile. These horses were so prized by early colonial powers to help them fight their tropical wars, that the Royal Navy once had special vessels built in Plymouth just to go and buy them.

"Sumba is also known for distinctive ikat textiles which still continue to be the islanders' clothing of preference. This particular ikat tells the story of what happens to unfaithful men."

"Local villagers on a morning commute carrying fruit to sell to the resort."

Photo credit @taniasmagictravels

"Occy's Left"

"Praiijing is one of the many traditional villages on the island."

"Children were quite excited to have their polaroids taken."